Sample Substitute Teacher Folder

My teaching style is fair and I try to remember to be flexible when my students are concerned.  The rules are posted in the classroom and students are aware of my rules and should follow them.  We do allow for some much-needed laughter between teacher and students as this is a safe place for my students to relax and let go of stresses from the day.  My lesson plan will state whether the activity is independent or group work.  I try to mix it up in my class regularly to help students stay focused and engaged. 

Students may come to this class with a pass if they are having difficulty in their regular classes – the Para will know what to do with these students.  If the Para is not here – send the student to one of the other resource rooms.  You will have Para support for every class period, although the Para’s will change throughout the day.  By the door there is a list of classroom lunch helpers – please remind the students on clean-up that it is their day for it.  If you have any questions or concerns – please contact Michele Glendale, SPED Department Head.  If she is absent, contact Molly Blazure or administration with any concerns or questions. 

You will find a seating chart in the beginning of the folder for each period.  Students need to follow the chart unless the Para or you believe moving a student would be better due to behaviors.  I have notations next to each child’s picture if they require special accommodations in the classroom. 

Students will be expected to be in their seat when the bell rings, if not they are considered tardy.  Every day, students will begin the class with a bell activity.  There will be no talking during these activities as the teacher takes roll.  Absences and tardies are recorded in pencil in case student arrives later with an excuse slip.  As soon as the bell-ringer assignment is done, students will take out their agendas and copy the assignment and any homework information down.  We will then begin the lesson.  Hall passes are at the discretion of the teacher or Para, students must fill out their agenda, and ask to have their pass signed.  The bell does not dismiss students, the teacher does.  At the end of the day, students will place chairs on top of desks. 

Daily Schedule – 7th grade                                         Daily Schedule – 8th grade

1st Period         7:50 – 8:36      (Mrs. Smith)               1st Period        7:50 – 8:36

2nd Period        8:40 – 9:26                                          2nd Period        8:40 – 9:26      (Mrs. Jones)

3rd Period        9:30 – 10:16                                        3rd Period       9:30 – 10:16    Team Plan

4th Period        10:20 – 11:06  (Mrs. Jones)               4th Period       10:20 – 11:06

5th Period        11:10 – 12:31                                      5th Period        11:10 – 11:56 (Mr. Spring)

6th Period        12:35 – 1:21                                        6th Period        12:00 – 1:21 (Mr. Spring)

7th Period        1:25 – 2:11      Plan                            7th Period        1:25 – 2:11     

Advisor           2:15 – 2:47 (Mrs. Hill)                 Advisor           2:15 – 2:47


Lunch schedules run from 11:10 to 12:50, my class goes to lunch from 12:05 to 12:35.  Staff lunchroom is next to the guidance office as well as staff restrooms.  Students leave the classroom after you take roll and only when you or the Para dismiss them.  They are expected to be waiting outside the classroom door at end of lunch.  Students are considered tardy after 12:38.

My grade book, lesson plans, attendance books, etc. can be found on top of my desk.

Classroom techniques:

Attention getting procedures:            Students are aware that when I stand in the front of the classroom they are to quiet down and pay attention.  If they do not do so, I may flash the lights off one time. 

Classroom Rules:

–        Be respectful to others and myself at all times.

–        Be responsible for my own work and behavior

–        Come to class prepared

–        Follow classroom directions

Discipline Policy:

Each student is given the opportunity to behave accordingly in class.  When a student misbehaves they are given a verbal warning.  If they continue to misbehave they earn a red slash.  Two red slashes earn the student a “think sheet” which must be filled out before the student can return to the classroom activities.  These are located in my second drawer on the right.  Think sheets are saved in the students file for future reference if the parent or administration wish to view.  If the student earns a third slash they are sent to the office with a discipline notice.  Discipline notices are located in the top left drawer of my desk.  If a student is not behaving, either you or the Para should fill the notice out and the Para will walk the student to the office.






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