Introduction and overview of the Portfolio

 The purpose for this portfolio is to give future employers a glimpse in how I view my role as a teacher.  Readers will gain an understanding of how I plan to organize and conduct my classroom, what my personal theories of classroom management are comprised of, and what my behavior management plan will entail.  First and foremost though– I must begin with what I understand my role as a teacher to be.  My role is not easily summed up in one word.  Turn the page and you will see a sampling of the terms I would use to describe my role as a teacher.  The scattered presentation of my definition matches the crossover presentation of each of these roles throughout any single day.  Students will come to see my role as the teacher as something they can count on.  My students will know that they are safe in my classroom.  Safe to be free to gain an education, safe to strive and make their personal goals a reality, safe to grow into the individuals they are in a non-judgmental environment, and safe to have fun while learning.

My portfolio is comprised of sample documentation demonstrating in detail my teaching skills.  The inclusion of a multiple and varied content is designed to provide a close examination of the multifaceted nature of teaching.  The benefits of completing this portfolio include providing an ongoing record of my growth as a teacher.  As John Cotton Dana said, “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”  My portfolio is just that, a chance for others to learn about me as well as for me to learn about myself.


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