About Me

I am not a native Kansan but I choose to be an adoptive Kansan.  Kansas is my fourth and last state I will live in.  My family moved here in 2004 to be near my husband’s family and have settled in Kansas quite happily.  I have lived in Massachusetts, Florida, Maine,and now Kansas.  I love to travel and have traveled to many other states in my life.  My favorite part of traveling has always been to see the beauty of our country and meeting new people.  There is nothing better than striking up a conversation with a stranger and hearing about their town through their eyes.  It always reminds me of opening up the pages of a new book – one which will soon be a trusted friend.

My life has taken a non-traditional path.  Many years ago while in college, I found myself the divorced mother of a special needs child and left college to provide for my son.  A decision I have never once regretted.  My son is grown now and I made the opportunity to complete my degree a priority.  Graduating last May was one of the happiest days in my life.  I have worked for many years as a Paraprofessional in the Special Education department and as mentioned have raised a son with special needs.  My experiences with both have given me multiple views of how important Special Education classes are for the success of our students.  My intent is to create a safe learning environment where my students will be challenged to reach outside of their comfort zone and strive to do their very best. 

I am active with the In2Books organization which promotes reading with younger students.  I would like to organize a classroom participation with this program as I feel it would benefit both my students and the pen pals they would be involved with.  I spent time last year volunteering with the Read 180 program and if given the chance to work with this program would be very happy to accept.   I was very impressed at how rounded and inclusive the program is.  Reading is the foundation upon which all learning must have in place if the student is to achieve the academic success they deserve.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, music, and spending time with my family.  We have been remodeling our home and spend much of our time with home improvement activities.  My husband is not a big fan of HGTV which he accuses of giving me too many ideas for home improvement.  This may be due to the fact that I keep thinking the projects will only take a half an hour like the show.  In seriousness though – we are enjoying fixing up our home just the way we like it.  As we have set down our roots here in Topeka, it is only fitting that we adjust them to fit our family best.


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