My Teaching Theory

I believe the goal of teaching can only be achieved by acknowledging that all students are individual people who each learn in their own specific way.  It is my job to reach that level of learning, allowing my students the opportunity to be successful.  I will have done my job when my students have learned to be critical thinkers and effective problem solvers, thus ensuring that I have given them the tools they need to become successful individuals in their lives.  To achieve this goal I take my role as the educator seriously.  I will strive to always be prepared, have my lesson plans made up in advanced, my materials ready and waiting, my content understood and ready to be taught, and my classroom laid out in a logical format for the task at hand.  I will do this because I am the teacher and my students depend upon me to be my very best.

What I have observed and decided as my teaching philosophy is that every student deserves the right to learn in the environment and style best suited for them.  This belief is why I feel it is important for teachers to never become complacent with the teaching styles they present – but to always strive to present a lesson using differentiated learning styles.  Our goal as teachers should not be to simply reach the majority of the classroom; it should also be to reach the one or two students who might otherwise slip through the cracks.  My son was one of those students as were the students I worked with.  My perspective as a parent of a special education student and a Paraprofessional have both served me well by strengthening my desire to work with students who have disabilities.  My unique understanding of both the challenges and rewards found in the Special Education classroom can only benefit me as I embark on my own teaching path.  My goal is to obtain a job teaching Language Arts within the Special Education Department.


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