12th grade lesson plan: Monroe’s Motivation Sequence Project


Unit Title:  Monroe’s Motivation Sequence Project

Audience Description:  This is a mainstream class of 29 12th grade students taking Senior Composition.  The students are generally focused and have a high percentage when it comes to assignment completion.  The class may get a bit talkative at times but otherwise there are no specific behavioral issues. 

Subject:  12th Grade Language Arts

Students will begin the period completing a Writer’s Workshop activity which had been planned since last week.  Students are expected to have brought a rough draft of their personal narrative essay and will be participating in a peer review.  The second portion of the period will be a class activity planned that will demonstrate the Monroe’s Motivation Sequence in action.  This is the second time students will be talking about Monroe’s as they were introduced to the subject the last class period.  This activity is meant to be a fun assignment designed to help put the process in a context that the students may be familiar with – the persuasive argument.  

Lesson Title:  Persuasion: The game!

Length of lesson:  90 Minutes

Writer’s Workshop – 45 – 60 min (Students are generally given this time frame when they are holding a writer’s workshop class)

Peer review A/B:  Two people review your essay and you review two other essays.

                                             Review:  Monroe’s Motivation Sequence 15 min

                                             Prepare for the activity – 15 min

                                             Persuasion:  Presentation 15 min

Remember – Final copy of Personal Narratives are due October 6, 2011





Personal Narrative

               Standard 1 Writing – Benchmark 1:  The student writes narrative text using the writing process.

Monroe’s Motivation Sequence 

Standard 1 Writing – Benchmark 4:  The student writes persuasive text using the writing process.


Anticipatory Set:  For the personal narrative portion –students already anticipate that they will be participating in a writer’s workshop.  They have participated in this activity with other essays so they are familiar with the expectations.  For Monroe’s – we briefly discussed what was going to happen on Wednesday but will review and prepare for the game activity.

Lesson Activities:

(For your review here is a brief description of how Monroe’s works)


The five steps

Attention: Getting attention        

Need:  Showing the need: describing the problem

Satisfaction:  Satisfying the need, or presenting the solution.

Visualization:  Visualizing the results.        

Action:  Requesting action or approval.   


Explain scenario and rules of the game:

There are 3 pairs of students who are presenting today.  Each pair will be tasked with selling the audience the newest cell phone to hit the market.  Their job will be to persuade the audience they must run out and buy this today and why their life will not be complete without this new phone.  Each pair is working on commission and if they are not the ones who sell the phone they won’t make a paycheck.  The audience (class) will judge the presenters.  If a tie occurs – the student assigned as the Judge will decide the winner.                                     


Volunteers were chosen last class:

Each couple take turns holding the cell phone when presenting their appeal.

In front of class – each pair will have 3 minutes to convince the class that they are the ones the audience should buy the phone from (using Monroe’s motivational 5 step sequence)  Attention, Need, Satisfaction, Visualization, Action

Audience role:

Each pair begins with 5 points

Pairs are awarded one point for each step in the sequence.  If the pair misses a step or goes out of sequence they lose a point.  The pair with the most points at the end wins. 

Judge role: 

One student will be chosen as the judge who will decide the winner if a tie occurs.


Modifications:  N/A

Closure:  The students should have seen an effective presentation of Monroe’s Motivation Sequence to help prepare them for creating and presenting their own commercial project using the Monroe’s strategy. 

Evaluation:  I will observe the activity to see whether students who presented did so using the 5 MMS steps and will assess the audience to see if they were recognizing whether a step was missed or out-of-order.

Resources:  Peer Review A/B handouts, and candy as a treat for the class activity.


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