10th grade lesson plan: Ironman by Chris Crutcher

Unit Title:  Ironman

Audience Description:  This is a mainstream class of 10th graders which includes seven identified students as receiving inter-related services.  This class does not have a co-teacher or paraprofessional in it and is not listed as a CWC class.  For the students identified we have provided special seating accommodations – both for behavioral issues as well as physical issues, extra time if needed, and follow up when needed with their provider. 

Subject:  10th Grade Language Arts

Students are reading the book Ironman by Chris Crutcher.  This is a coming of age story which addresses topics such as anger, father figures, and fear.  Students began this book on Friday with the teacher reading the first chapter out loud to the class.  Homework was chapters 2 and 3.  On Wednesday, students were read chapter 4 out loud in class and assigned chapter 5 for homework.  This morning we will read Chapter 6 in class.   

Lesson Title:  Respect and Obedience – do they go hand in hand?

Length of Lesson:  90 minutes

            Journal:  10-15 min

            Discuss journal entries with your neighbor – then class discussion 15-20 min

            Read Chapter 6 out loud to class: 20 min

            Group Activity:  30 min

In groups of 3 or 4 – discuss what it would take to create an anger management group here in T-West.  Students will answer the following questions and may add more questions or comments as their group decides.  Questions should not be answered with one or two word sentences – discuss questions as a group and give me details on what you’ve decided.  Answer in complete sentences and explain your answer.

Identify what the rules would be for students and instructor alike – minimum of 5 norms.

How often would you meet and when?  Can you meet too often or not enough?  Is there a limit to the size of the group?  What kind of characteristics or personal traits would be good for the role of the teacher in charge? 

How would you accomplish respect in such a way that everyone receives respect when speaking? 

How do people get into this group?  Can they request it or do they have to be assigned?  Can they be assigned?

How would you address the issue of privacy?  Should parents have a right to know what is said in the group setting?  What about if someone says something that seems dangerous or against the law?

Do you believe there would be value in having a group like this here and why or why not? 

Each group will turn in a paper with detailed answers to all of the questions as well as any more questions or comments the group wished to make – due at the end of the hour. 

Begin silent reading of homework – CH 7-8:  20 min

Objective:  Students will be able to critically analyze subjects such as obedience and respect both through readings and discussion.

Standards/Benchmarks: Standard 1 Reading – Benchmark 2-4; Standard 2 Reading– Benchmark 1-2. 

Anticipatory Set:  The lesson today will begin with the journal question meant to make the students think about what they have read and discuss it both with peers and as a class.  The subject matter, obedience and respect, will serve as a good discussion point for the class group activity later in the lesson.

Lesson Activities:  For the group activity I will be using power point and the media projector to post the questions for the students to answer.  See the lesson plan outline above for details of content and timing.

Modifications:  Journal questions will be posted on Mr. Baer’s Wiki page for students who may need extra time to complete the assignment.  This modification is not limited to students who are identified as receiving inter-related services but for all students who may need more time to complete their journal.

Closure:  The students should have held an in-depth discussion between each other and as a class regarding the subject of obedience and respect.  Do you have to have one to have the other or can you have them independent of each other?  This discussion connects with the chapter students read for homework and will continue in the theme of the book Ironman.  Students will be expected to read Chapters 7 and 8 for homework and be prepared for more discussion. 

Evaluation:  I will be able to determine what my students learned during this lesson through the group and class discussions.  I will also be able to evaluate the group activity worksheet that is turned in at the end of the hour.

Resources:  Copies of the book Ironman, computer, power point, media projector, paper, and pencil/pens.



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